Amazon Basin Peru

30th June 2018 and the Amazon Basin. A 45 minute flight from Cusco  why not visit the  Amazon. With  so much to see in Peru a packed schedule, this had to be squeezed in. So very glad  I did !

A flight to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco allows you to get a flavour of the Amazon on just a weekend trip.  The Amazon spanning multiple countries warrants a trip in itself. Below is what I was able to squeeze into a weekend.

See & Do: 

Left Cusco on  a Friday  morning flight and arrived at the hotel by lunchtime.  My return flight to Cusco was on Sunday,  there was  no time to waste. I  dump the bags  and  waste no time in  setting off  to tour Sandoval lake.  The trips starts with a boat down the Mardre de dio river which  flows into the Beni River in Bolivia. After around 40 minutes  and a short walk arrive at the Tambopata  National reserve in the Amazon basin.  The towering tree landscape in the reserve is amazing !  the audio  from  the natural inhabitants is also hypnotising.  Monkey howling  a big scary, made sure I stayed close to the  guide lol.

Tambopata national reserve  is the access point for the Sandoval lake. The reserve has a walking trial,  that lead  the tour group to the canoes we use to get to  Sandoval lake.  The  flat  trek through the Amazon  gave the opportunity to spot monkeys jumping tree to tree.  The Sandoval lake is  serene, vast and beautiful. The canoe allows you to get up close an personal with the animals. We were lucky enough to spot a family of Otters.

La Cachuela Parrot clay lick,  4am we hit the Mardre river  and head toLa Cachuela. Not only did we get to see the sunrise but also watch the various species of birds aluminate the Sky as they travel in flocks and chip away at the naturally eroded rock.  The Clay  we are told by our guide develops naturally from water erosion and is high in sodium and used to aid digestion.


  • Wasi eco Lodge –  Rooms are pretty basic,  however highly accessible for a short trip or initial stay before heading further into the Amazon

Food  & Drink: 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Burgos

Top tips: 

  • Travel in July meant avoiding rain fall for a less muddy trek through the Tambopata reserve. Take Mosquito spray a hat and water &  Sun cream,  Zero shade on the Lake, can get very hot.
  • Arrange your airport transfers Puerto Maldanado is a small airport  with not much else around
  • Most lodges organise tours , both tours were organised by Wasi eco lodge







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