The  first time I  really reflected on the countries I’ve  had the good grace to visit was when my sister (the systematic scientist that she is)  introduced me to the Been App.   As  I logged  my travels in the app, some work,  many  pleasure and fair few both, I realise this really is a very tiny amount of the world. In fact only  14% !

Always up for a challenge, I have decided to set the  personal goal of  visiting 50  different countries before  age 50.  My  hope is  this will inspire me to continue to explore the world and  to exceed this target. This  in turn led me to think,  I really need a central store for my memories that isn’t Facebook or Google  (which i use for other stuff), so here we are.

Below  are some of the countries  and the  percentage of the continent they represent (as classified by Been)

Europe  24%: Prague, England (Home), France, Germany, Greece,  Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The Vatican and Ukraine

Asia 12%: China, Indonesia,  India, Maldives, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam

North America 15%: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominican   Republic, Jamaica,  Hawaii, Mexico and United  States of America,

South America 21% : Brazil, Chile and Peru

Africa 12%: Botswana, Cape Verde, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa

As of January 2019 i’m at 37  / 50 .



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