Macchu Picchu

4th July take the train to Aguas Calientes  the journey on the expedition train is full of entertainment  and amazing views.  Aguas Calientes  is located in a gorge below the ruins. Enclosed by towering mountains.  Everything !  is within a very short walk from the train station. The tiny town seems to have been constructed  to serve tourism.  The rail way track runs through the middle of the ‘town’.   Practically all hotel reps line the station platform. The seen is a lot like awaiting relatives waiting to welcome you home.

Sees and Do’s:

This mighty Inka  legacy is truly a masterpiece.  With the good fortune of a clear blue Sky and sunny day the grandure of the Citadel is extenuated.  I’m lost for words and the only one I can muster in my head is  incredible !

located in the province of Urumbaba at 2,453 meters above sea level. The Citidel is sandwiched between WayanaPicchu (or small mountain) and Machcu Picchu.  Macchupicchu is also  part of the vilcabamba batolite formation a mass of rock 250 million years old.

The  tour starts at the entrance closest to the guard house a 10 minute walk up allows for the famous view of the main square, terraces, storages areas. We then walk down towards  the main gate and sun dial passing the temples.   The guide points out the  various theories around its creations. These range from a holiday home for the Inkas, a fort, a temple., fortress to escape the Spaniards.

Macchu picchu was abandoned during the 2nd half of the 16th century, though  it is said local farmers. Hiram Bingham  conducted excavations   Whatever the believe the stone structure designed to withstand earthquakes, the Waterflow system and the Sun tower are just a few of the things that stand out as an incredible engineering feat.



Food  & Drink: 

  • Hotel
  • Cafe Inkaterra

Top tips: 

  • Book Macchu Picchu well in advance of your trip,   there are limited tickets and some times of the year it is closed. I had tickets booked 3 months in. advance and just the Citidel tickets were sold out.
  • As of July 2018 you could buy tickets direct: from the official website. Note  it is a two step process, at first you register for entry. After that you are then sent a payment link.
  • Often the advise is to go early to beat the crowds and watch the sunrise. Which I am sure is spectacular. Our guide suggested go around mid morning to beat the crowds as you will miss all of those that have wanted to be the first to arrive.  Ewe left around 10a.30m
  • It’s a one way route around the citadel. Make sure you take it all in as you go around. You are not free to wonder back and forth should you want to revisit a spot.
  • There is a bag limit on the expedition trains  hotel storage or locker at the station
  • Passport ID is needed when you head
  • There is a bus that can take you through mountains as an alternative to the hike up
  • Olluntaymabo is rail station runs trains directly to Aguas Calientes for Machu Picchu
  • The Inka trail is  enjoyed by  many as another way to head to Macchu Picchu








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